Soil Sampling Equipment

Soil sampling is performed for a number of reasons. These include determination of soil contamination, identifying the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination and investigating the relationship between soil and ground water contamination. Soil can be sampled at the surface or below surface depending on the type of information required. Soil is typically divided by depth into two categories: surface and subsurface. Surface soils include the zone between ground level and 24 inches. Subsurface soils include any depth below 24 inches (please note that for radiological sampling, surface soils are considered to be in the top 6 inches, or 15 centimeters only). There are several different types of samplers that can be used to collect a soil sample at any depth.

Soil Sampling Kits AMS Basic Soil Sampling Kit

Soil sampling kits are designed to provide all the items needed for sampling in convenient carrying cases. Used by soil scientists, agronomists, and construction companies for site investigations. Available in different auger sizes and connections.

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Soil Sampling Supplies Core Catcher SleeveFluoropolymer Sheets and Roll

Fluoropolymer Film, Retaining Cylinders and Caps

Soil Sampling Sleeves
Clear liners for environmental soil sampling requirements.

Zipliner Soil Sampling Sleeves & ZipTool Opener
Designed with safety in mind, the Zipliner Soil Sampling Sleeves are easy-to-open liners for use with direct push soil sampling equipment.

Soil Sampling Supplies
Retaining Cylinders, Caps, Inserts & Fluoropolymer Film

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AMS Gas Probe in the FieldZipliner in the Field

Gas Vapor & Groundwater Piezometer Kits
Soil Gas Vapor ProbeGroundwater Piezometer

Soil Gas Vapor Probe Kits
Ideal for monitoring and sampling hydrocarbon vapor in soil at spill sites, near underground storage tanks, and pipelines.

Groundwater Piezometer Kit
Installs a semi-permanent sampling point for shallow groundwater sampling investigations.

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