Field Equipment & Supplies

Ancillary equipment and supplies that are appropriate to objectives and site conditions.

Field Equipment

Support equipment that is required for the use of the primary equipment.
Equipment for suppling power is a prime example.

Portable Generators Honda EG3500 Portable Generator

Geotech offers Honda portable generators for their performance and reliability.

They have these features:

  • Low noise levels
  • Fuel efficiency & run time
  • Power output quality
  • Size & Portability
  • Ease of starting
  • Durability & quality of craftsmanship

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Portable Air Compressors Industrial Air Compressor

Geotech offers two kinds of portable air compressors, electric powered and gas powered. Both were selected for dependability, low maintenance and oil-free high performance. They are ideal for sites using pneumatic pumps and skimmers for hydrocarbon recovery from groundwater.

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Magnetic Locators SubSurface ML-1M

Make finding buried metal objects easier with the most sensitive and ruggedly-built ferromagnetic locators available. Locate steel well heads, survey pins, iron pipes, manhole covers, and other ferrous objects hidden under pavement, grass, or snow.

SubSurface Instruments Model ML-1 and ML-1M Specifications
SubSurface Instruments Model ML-1 and ML-1M Instruction Manual


Field Supplies

Consumable supplies that are used in support of sampling and measurement activities. Materials such as calibration standards, sample containers or disposable sampling equipment that potentially affects the outcome of environmental measurements.

Calibration Buffers, Standards, Reagents and Cleaners Geotech Buffers

Reference materials whose properties have been established so that it can provide a level of performance verification. For field measurements, examples are pH buffers, specific conductivity standards, chemical reagents, turbidity standards and oxidation reduction potential standards.

Field instrumentation require supplies for the actual collection process as well as quality control activities and crucial operational maintenance.

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Safety Gear
& Clothing
Nitrile and Latex Gloves

Geotech strives to keep our customers safe with the safety gear they need. From gloves and Tyvek® suits, to safety glasses and hard hats.

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Well Accessories Locking Well Caps

Equipment designed for environmental well operations in accordance with local and federal procedures.

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All-Weather Field Books “Rite in the Rain” Field Book and Pen

Record keeping is the responsibility of all field personnel. Records must be established and maintained for each uniquely identified sampling location to permanently document field activities, measurement readings, instrument calibration, and any other information needed to meet programmatic or regulatory requirements. “Rite in the Rain” is a paper created specifically for writing field notes outdoors in all weather conditions.

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Environmental Tubing & Bailing Cord Environmental Tubing

Geotech has a full range of high quality tubing in different sizes and materials available in stock for your environmental sampling and remediation needs. Tubing is priced per foot or by the roll.

Geotech offers four kinds of bailing cord made from nylon and coated stainless steel.

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